Years ago, I heard Lupe Fiasco's "The COOL" album and his message aligned with the #JUSTBECOOL movement, it was then that I knew we would work together one day.  Probably one of the most underrated artist of our era but also one of the most impactful artist on the culture.  Lupe along with Kanye made it cool to be YOUr most genuine self.  A couple months ago my homegirl Gizzle came by the shop and told me that her and Lupe had be working in the studio a lot and she wanted to bring him some YOUth and JUST BE COOL gear.  Next thing I know, he was wearing it on instagram and a few days later he showed up at the shop to buy more!  He told me his new album was going to be called "TETSUO & YOUth" and that we should collab, and then I heard the YOUniverse ring a bell!  We ended up doing a collab t-shirt together and an in-store signing! Check out the pictures!