Gavin "Mizzle" Mathíeu born in 1987, is a self taught graphic designer and creative director with a passion for impacting culture with thought provoking art, products and experiences.  Mizzle started his creative career using his talents to promote the youth culture in LA under the moniker JUST BE COOL (JBC.), an artist support movement that he started along side his childhood friend Dom Kennedy.  The success of JBC lead him to open his first retail store and art gallery, YOUth Fairfax at the age of 25.  YOUth became a hub for the culture and a platform for Mizzle to collaborate with other artist and innovators like Lupe Fiasco, Nipsey Hussle and YG to name a few.  Mizzle's unique vision and dedication to the culture garnered support from industry leaders like Alexander Wang, Jay-Z and television producer Evan Shapiro who ended up featuring Mizzle in a TV series called Welcome To Fairfax.  Mizzle, feeling the urge to blossom and spread his wings, ended up closing his retail doors in 2015 and went on to open his creative studio SUPERVSN STUDIOS where he has since worked with brands like Adidas, Cadillac and recently launched the 4HUNNID Clothing brand with his long time friend YG.

Mizzle’s theory is that "YOUth has no age, YOUth is a state of mind that allows us to be our truest selves and gives us the creative freedom to manifest our own personal vision for what is SUCCESS.